Hey! I'm Keren. I am a nutritionist from Toronto, Canada.

Having dealt with childhood health issues, my grandparents and mother showed me the healing effects of nutrition on physical wellness. As I grew older, it became clear to me that nutrition is deeply intertwined with mental and emotional health.

Learning to navigate this complex intersection of the mind and body in my own life is how I found my passion to help others achieve the same balanced mindset and dietary approach.

At the chemical level, we are what we eat. The foods we put into our bodies break down into raw material for building every cell and fibre of our being. But for most of us, we have also been conditioned to associate food with emotions and memories.

I love helping people find the sweet spot between nourishment and enjoyment because that's where food freedom resides. 


After graduating with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Nutrition and Food Science from the Dietitians of Canada accredited program at Ryerson University, I decided to forego my path of becoming an RD because I wanted to create an authentic practice that is free from the Health Canada regulations (aka the Canada’s Food Guide). Through extracurricular research, ongoing continuing education, and years of experience in the nutrition & fitness industry, I pride myself in offering my clients robust nutrition expertise and taking the time to make them feel heard and supported. 


In my years of experience as a nutritionist and fitness instructor, the single most important factor that creates lasting, permanent change in health is consistency. In order to be more consistent, the one thing you need is accountability. And so, I stay connected with my clients after consults via a tried and true check-in system. Rather than fixating solely on physical biometrics, I also encourage clients to also track their progress using mental wellness and behavioural markers.