HOW TO: Workout While You Travel + 5 NO-EQUIPMENT WORKOUTS

When I first started getting into fitness and CrossFit in University, it was so much easier to workout on vacation. All my friends were into fitness, I had way less cares about finances (thanks student loans), and travels were almost always just for pleasure.


Can anyone else relate?


Fast forward 8 years, I am writing this while waiting to board my 23rd flight this year. I own a business that requires me to work every day while away, my body is aging, and I have to pay bills (like my student loans lol it’s come full circle)…


Working out while away from my normal routine and community is so much harder. However, I’ve learned that making time to exercise isn’t about burning calories or making physical progress. It’s more about giving myself mental release to be present and grounded wherever I am in the world. 


Before I share 5 no-equipment travel workouts below, here are 3 tips to sticking to your fitness goals while on-the-go:

1.     FIND ACCOUNTABILITY – you are not weak for seeking external accountability. PERIOD. So make plans with a friend, book/pay for workout classes in advance, or do what I did – I got myself a coach (shout to Sam Pereira!) to help me commit to moving my body 4-6x a week.

2.     DO IT EARLY IN THE DAY – after all my traveling, I know this for a fact, I have 9999x more willpower in the morning than I do in the evening. Before you have the chance to come up with excuses in your brain, do the damn thing and the rest of your day will be exponentially better – more productive, more energy, less anxiety.

3.     MANAGE YOUR EXPECTATIONS – this one is so damn important. We all think we have to train like an Olympian to reap the benefits of exercise. It’s OKAY to dial down the intensity and duration of your workouts while you are travelling. You may be doing a lot of physical activity that isn’t structured, so there’s no need to run yourself into the ground at your workout sessions. Plus, this makes fitness more fun. Pressure can make us dread working out, which kind of defeats the purpose of it. I.e. Don’t have a lot of energy? Do a gentle yoga class, go for a light jog, shorten your workout to 15-30minuts.

Move your body for your own happiness, not for the scale or anyone else.

This will help you be more consistent, and long term consistency is WAY better than short term intensity.


Here are some workouts that coach Sam Pereira programmed for me. Give her a follow @sampereiraaa!

They are all bodyweight and full-body workouts that take under 30mins including warm-up and cool-down. Please tag me and Sam if you decide to try these out! Have fun, safe travels!


Generic Warm-up

3 rounds:

15second Samson Stretch

10 Squats

10 Sit-ups

10 Bend-and-reach

10 Scapular push-ups



5 rounds as fast as possible:

20 Push-ups

30 Sit-ups

40 Lunges



20min As Many Rounds As Possible

10 Chair Dips

10 Tuck Jumps

10 V-ups




Lunges (per leg)

Handstand Push-ups



8min Unbroken Walking Lunges

*can slow down but no stopping

**hold weighted objects if you’d like



3 rounds as fast as possible:

60s MAX High Knees

50 Single Legged Squats

25 Burpees