Alumni Program


Alumni Program


3-month alumni program for after your 12/16/20 week check-ins are done.

Once you feel ready to be more independent in living your dream lifestyle, you can still opt to check in on a monthly basis to maintain accountability while becoming more autonomous.

  • 30min phone/video session every 4 weeks

  • Ongoing support and advice on whatever life throws your way

  • Membership to The Hungry Humans Collective where you have unlimited, exclusive access a plethora of resources including, sample meal plans, meal prep guide, macronutrient 101, post workout meal ideas, office/school snack ideas, travel nutrition

  • Private Facebook community where like-minded people share recipes, insights, and support

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Some people prefer real time interactions and I am one of those people! Human connection and real time responses can make you feel more committed to the process of checking in. Plus, you get immediate feedback on your questions and concerns.