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Jess C.

I had a nutritionist before at a younger age. Keren helped me see nutrition as a lifestyle and a fun way to experiment with food and discover my body and its reaction to different foods while the nutritionist focused solely on the physical appearance.

Weekly check-ins helped me keep myself in check.  I had to be honest about what I was doing and more careful about what I was fueling my body with.  It helped me feel more committed.

(After working with Keren) I turned into a decent cook! I had never cooked before and even the thought of boiling water scared me to death.  After doing the nutrition program with Keren I learned to do grocery shopping and to get creative in the kitchen. Paleo pad-thai anyone?!

Sal S.

I wanted to work with Keren so I could learn more about where my opportunities were to create a more balanced diet that reflected my activity level. As well, be more equipped to shop at the grocery store to reflect my meal prep plans. I have gained 20 pounds of muscle since implementing all of the things she has taught me. (Greek yogurt for the win!!)

The check-ins were awesome and kept me focused and I asked any questions I had around prep times, recipes and shopping tactics.

I have two takeaways that I will never forget: The first, realizing the ease and importance in prepping veggies and salads you  enjoy. As well, becoming an intentional shopper at the grocery store - only ever buying what I needed. 


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Rajesh K.

My independent efforts to lose weight had plateaued. I was working out 4-6 times per week but eating out twice as much. I couldn't seem to lose anymore weight and constantly felt sluggish due to the fast food. I decided enough is enough and sought nutrition help because I wanted to build a healthier relationship with food and continue my weight loss journey.

Working with Keren is my first time working with a nutritionist. It has been and continues to be a great experience!

Weekly check-ins help because it really makes me accountable for the goals I have set with Keren during my monthly in-person meetings. When I deviate from my goals, I'm always met with positive encouragement to get right back on track.

The habits and associations I built around certain types of food (i.e. stress, on-the-go eating, being upset etc.) became apparent in my initial consultation. During my follow up consultations we then focused on ways to resolve these issues.  I began to add diversiity  and variety in my meal-prepping to ensure this habit was sustainable. Another big take away was to immerse myself more in the healthy space by listening to recommended podcasts and articles.

Debbie R.

Working with Keren has been absolutely amazing! As a new business owner, I had such a hard time to balance life, work and taking care of myself.  Keren is very adaptable & caring when you work with her; she was able to design various meal prepping plans for me to allow me to keep my good eating habits in check! I highly recommend working with her,  the extent of her knowledge cannot be measured, you will not be disappointed!