DIY Kombucha Party E-course


DIY Kombucha Party E-course


I started brewing kombucha years ago because I was a struggling university student whose wallet couldn’t keep up with my digestive demands.

If you’re also ready to save a bunch of money while overcoming your soda habit, your sugar addiction, your chronic bloat or constipation, clear up your skin, replace your coffee dependence…then prepare to have your life changed for less than a pair of Converse shoes.

The one-time purchase grants you LIFETIME access to the course resources and all future updates and additions.

  • Concise HD videos walk you through every detail

  • Exclusive e-book has all the details you need to be a master brewer

  • Online Facebook community offers live support from experienced brewers and flavour inspiration

  • All presented to you in an easy peasy dropbox file

  • *link will appear on confirmation page and in a confirmation email after you pay

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